Civil Infrastructure

Our in-house capabilities include the full range of civil infrastructure and urban enhancement works. We have a proven record of providing innovative solutions and improved efficiencies on original design, forwarding cost savings back to our clients for all-round accomplishment.

Our urban civil infrastructure & enhancement scope includes:

  • Complex urban civil infrastructure
  • Underground services
  • Bulk & detail earthworks
  • Road construction and maintenance
  • Hardscapes including street furniture and street lighting

Our people have a high level of skills in community and stakeholder management, and all aspects of our works,from planning to execution we have built in mechanisms to minimise disturbance to the public and other stakeholders, including agile and fresh solutions for traffic management, noise and dust control, and business and retail access.

Menzies Civil Australia has a strict reporting policy for our civil infrastructure projects, where as any communication received, is recorded and dealt with in the upmost professional matter to ensure no member of the public or otherstakeholder goes unnoticed, this ensures that those that may not be directly involved in each project are still treated with respect and kept well informed where necessary.