Providing civil & development projects with quality resources & services

Menzies Quarries forms part of the Menzies Group which includes Menzies Civil Australia. We offer quality resources, products and services to the commercial civil and construction industry, both in Western Australia and nationally.

The Menzies Mogumber Quarry is located 130km north of Perth CBD between the Great Northern and Brand Highways and is licensed to enable the provision of up to 500,000 tonnes of extracted material per annum, with a life expectancy exceeding 30 years at full production capacity. Gravel products range from <7mm to >1000mm rock. Landscaping products including Pea / Split Gravel & Decorative Rocks (granite and gravel) are also readily available.

Menzies utilises dedicated two stage crushing and screening plants managed by experienced and dedicated personnel.


Menzies Quarries specialises in:

Main Roads WA (MRWA) specification material

Recycling of Construction / Demolition (C&D) waste

Department of Environment Regulation (DER) Waste Derived Materials (WDM)

Supply of sands, rock & gravels for civil construction and landscaping projects

Gabion baksets

Composting of solid & liquid organic waste

Composted products

Consultation services