Who We Are

Menzies Civil Australia prides ourselves on providing outstanding service to our clients by managing civil construction projects to the highest standards Australia-wide.


“Our values reflect our team’s commitment to quality, safety, environmental awareness, efficiency, innovation and service.” – Dylan Menzies, Director

Our Vision

Our priority is our commitment to our clients. We provide some of the highest qualified and experienced people in the civil industry. From our management to our operators, each member of our team has been specifically selected for their role.

Our Values


We continually look for and implement ways in which we can improve our products, services and outcomes, providing every client with a fully inclusive quality assurance package to ensure standards and specifications are achieved.


Our zero-harm policy is the powerhouse behind delivering projects safely. Our systems and processes ensure that everybody goes home in the same condition they arrived.


We pride ourselves in our competence, expertise and innovation, which combined with our client focus and responsiveness leads to consistently outstanding outcomes for our clients.


We work with our clients, employees and subcontractors collaboratively as a seamless team to achieve one common goal and exceed expectations no matter the expectation.


We have the courage to explore and apply new and innovative solutions with a ‘can do’ attitude and full accountability to our clients.


Our work practices are based on sound, sustainable environmental approaches, using new innovative ideas to reduce, reuse and recycle.

Our Team

The Menzies Civil Australia team have been individually selected due to their unparalleled experience in delivering many of Western Australia’s high-profile civil projects. From managers to labour, our team have been selected personally for their contribution and ability to provide our clients with the manpower they need for whichever project they aspire. We have a pool of highly experienced and skilled people to draw from, including:

  • Estimators
  • Construction Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Site Managers
  • Site Supervisors
  • Final Trim Operators
  • Labour
Man looking at a plan

“Menzies Civil Australia are dedicated to building stronger relationships with Indigenous communities and creating increased opportunities for employment and engagement.”

Equal Opportunities

We’re committed to promoting equity and social justice by providing an environment that encourages excellence through diversity. To provide equal employment opportunities, we endeavour to:

  • Create an environment characterised by respect, where staff can work free from discrimination or harassment.
  • Encourage the use of non-discriminatory, inclusive language in all documents and interactions.
  • Identify groups who have experienced disadvantage in employment, develop policies and programmes to actively address that disadvantage.
  • Apply the merit principle in recruitment, selection, reclassification, career development and promotion.

Excavation work

Indigenous Australians

Menzies Civil Australia acknowledges Indigenous people as the traditional owners and caretakers of their lands. We recognise that Indigenous people are not a generic group but are made up of many different groups with their own unique languages and customs. We acknowledge and respect the values and beliefs of Indigenous people and recognise the importance of preserving local customs and cultures. Menzies Civil Australia understands that many Indigenous people and communities do not share the same opportunities as non-Indigenous people in terms of capital wealth, employment, education, health, housing and general wellbeing.

Safety hat

We are committed to increasing Indigenous participation in our business through meaningful partnerships with Indigenous communities, government, our clients and the public. We shall do this by:

  • Respecting the values and beliefs of Indigenous Australians, and acknowledging their traditional ownership of, and ties to, the land.
  • Understanding the potential impact of our business on Indigenous people and communities and taking steps to minimise potential negative consequences from our activities.
  • Increasing the involvement of Indigenous people and communities in our business, through engagement, employment and training.
    Establishing employment, education and training opportunities, to contribute to addressing the imbalance between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people in Australia.
  • Supporting culturally appropriate programmes that strengthen and promote the interests of Indigenous people and communities.
  • Developing cultural competence in our employees, subcontractors and clients, to enhance cultural understanding and support reconciliation.
  • Engaging Indigenous people and communities and collaborating with them to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes.

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