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Menzies Civil Australia is committed to the principles of zero-harm, environmental management, quality and equal opportunity. We aim to use these principles to create a sustainable, successful and profitable business that provides a valuable social and economic contribution to our country. We believe that these systems along with our visions and values are the building blocks to the future of the civil industry across Australia.


We Support Our Employees So We Can Support You

We have established corporate systems to manage all our work processes so that health, safety, environment and quality are at the forefront of the way we work. We manage our people fairly and without prejudice so that every employee feels they are a valued member of our team. Our people have the same drive and commitment as management to over-achieve in the goal they have before them. We provide our confident team with the training, supervision and systems of work they need to achieve their full potential. It is this belief along with earned and well-deserved respect that makes Menzies Civil Australia the company it is today.

“Our approach is to empower our staff to identify opportunities for improvement and develop innovative approaches to work.”

We Support Our Employees So We Can Support You
Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

We aim to provide our clients with the most exacting standards of quality in the delivery of all of our products and services. We believe in doing things right the first time, every time.

At Menzies Civil Australia, quality means:

  • Integrity - Doing what we say we are going to do
  • Excellence - Exceeding expectations through experience and initiative
  • Respect - Valuing our clients’ needs and requirements, providing more than what is expected, before it is requested
  • Commitment - Seeing things through, your vision will become our vision, no project is complete until as one common team we achieve your desire


Our approach to safety is based on the Zero Harm principle. We believe that our people have a right to a work environment that is safe and free of undue stress and that our clients, subcontractors and the public have a right to expect us to safeguard their health and safety in any environment that is under our control, be it in the office or on-site. Safety is a value preached by management and advocated by personnel.

zero Harm Policy

 Zero Harm Policy

  • Maintain safety as a corporate value.
  • Provide our people with the training, supervision and systems of work necessary to maintain a safe environment for them, our subcontractors, and the public.
  • Actively promote individual and team participation in the management of safety and empower them to participate effectively in the identification of hazards and the management of associated risks.
  • Maintain management systems, project plans and work practices that comply with relevant occupational safety and health laws, regulations, industry codes of practice, standards, licences, and project requirements.
  • Establish, measure, report and review safety objectives, key performance indicators and targets.
  • Constantly strive to not only achieve these systems but also exceed them year-by-year, discovering new and safer means to overachieve the goals we set.

“Menzies Civil Australia will be forever evolving and adapting to new procedures and policies ensuring that we will continually be the forefront of civil construction in Australia.”

Environmental Management

At Menzies Civil Australia, we firmly believe that we are responsible for the environment in which we operate. As corporate citizens, we are committed to this responsibility in all our work practices, from the use of appliances that are water and power-efficient in the office environment, through to the responsible management of emissions and the natural environment on site.

Our ethos for sustainable & environmentally conscious work includes:

  • Providing our people with the training, supervision and systems of work necessary to understand and minimise our impact on the natural environment.
  • Manage our work-sites responsibly to minimise our environmental footprint and have systems in place to respond effectively to environmental events.
  • Have systems in place to meet all environmental legislation, codes of practice, standards and specific site requirements.
  • Monitor and review our systems and work practices to continually improve our environmental performance.

As a team, Menzies Civil Australia will have an attitude unmatched by others in the industry, striving to pave a new, environmentally friendly way to overachieve projects at no harm to the environment.

Environmental Management

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