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Excavators are one of the most utilised pieces of machinery in the civil industry and can be found on nearly every construction site. Due to their versatility, excavators are suitable for projects ranging from demolition and bulk earthworks through to trenching and road construction. There are many benefits to having an excavator on your worksite including their outstanding lifting ability, precise control and cost-effectiveness. 

At Menzies Civil Australia, we offer over eight different types of excavator sizes ranging from mini diggers at 1.7 tonnes to large excavators at 45 tonnes. All of our excavators have a variety of additional buckets and attachments available to meet the needs of your project. No matter what type of machine you’re searching for, we can provide the right machine at the right price. Find out more about our individual excavators below or reach out to our team to organise a free quote.


Our Range of Mini Excavators for Hire

1.7t Excavator Hire

Our 1.7t mini digger is the smallest in our fleet. This mini excavator is designed to work on tight access projects yet still provide heavy lifting power, less noise, easy transportation and precise digging ability.

3t Excavator Hire

Our 3t mini excavator comes with a range of attachments and can perform many tasks including digging, drilling, backfilling and more. The 3t includes benefits such as easy transportation and on-site access, less wear and tear and a smaller carbon footprint.

5t Excavator Hire

The 5t combines the lifting power of a larger excavator with the unique size of a smaller digger. Perfect for any small demolition, ground levelling and trenching project; our 5T excavator is available for wet hire only.

Our Large Excavators Over 14 Tonnes

14t Excavator Hire

The standard excavator featured in our fleet is the 14t excavator. This excavator size is the most popular in the industry and offers increased power and attachment options with its hydraulic system.

20t Excavator Hire

Our 20t excavator is frequently wet hired for demolition, road construction and bulk earthwork projects throughout WA. This digger offers more power and reach than typical excavators and has a hydraulic system that makes them capable of handling a variety of attachments.

24t Excavator Hire

The 24t excavator is another popular machine frequently hired out of our fleet. This digger is suitable for large-scale civil infrastructure projects as well as mining sites.

35t Excavator Hire

The second-largest excavator available for hire in our fleet is the 35t. This machine offers intense lifting capacity and power. With long reach capability and 360-degree rotation, this digger is suitable for industrial and heavy-duty work.

45t Excavator Hire

The largest excavator in our fleet is our 45T digger. With maximum power and capacity, this machine surpasses all others. This large-class excavator is used for major construction including industrial and mining projects.

Experienced Excavator Operators

Experienced Excavator Operators

All of our excavators, large and small, are available for wet hire only. This means that a skilled and experienced operator will be working on your project site providing the services that you require. We offer a diverse team of operators who have experience operating in all industries and terrains and are happy to work to your exact specifications.

    Servicing Across Western Australia

    We’re based in Perth and provide our wet excavator hire across Western Australia including popular locations such as Fremantle, Mandurah and Joondalup. Our most recent project locations included Kalamunda, Lesmurdie, Kenwick, Woodman Point, Shenton Park, Badgingarra, Pinjarra, Byford and Landsdale. We’re happy to travel Australia-wide to service your project.

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