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Menzies Civil Australia is a landscaping contractor located in Perth who provides a range of land development services for projects across Western Australia. From soft and hard landscaping through to contaminated site remediation and asbestos removal, we offer multifaceted services to meet the needs of your project. Our experienced team specialise in Greenfield, Greyfield and Brownfield developments and maintain all the specialised equipment necessary to take on large-scale land developments. To learn more about our service offerings, read on below or to discuss your next project, reach out to our team now.


Greenfield Land Development

Greenfield land is land in a city or rural area that is considered ‘untouched’. This means that there has been no development of any kind on the land and has probably only been used for agricultural purposes. Greenfields are a desirable location for urban developments as they’re typically in very good condition and have room to expand various construction projects. Greenfield land development is essentially building on a blank canvas.

Greyfield Land Development

We also specialise in Greyfield land developments which are classified as formerly-viable retail and commercial shopping sites that have been abandoned. Greyfield's often hold hidden value from the underlying infrastructure with solid sewerage, plumbing, electrical systems and foundations. These aspects can be used as leverage for a developer to save time and money. Developments like this don’t usually require remediation services, only minor demolition works.

Brownfield Land Development

Brownfield Land Development

Brownfield land development is land that was previously used for industrial or commercial purposes that had been contaminated by pollution or hazardous waste materials. These sites have a potential for redevelopment once the contamination has been cleared. That’s where our team step in. We can perform site remediation and contamination removal including acid-sulphate soils as well as asbestos removal and demolition.

    Our Land Development Project Scope Includes:

    • Project Management
    • Land Clearing
    • Demolition Works
    • Waste Disposal
    • Remediation of Contaminated Sites (including acid-sulphate soils)
    • Bulk Earthworks
    • Underground Services
    • Road Construction 
    • Soft and Hard Landscaping
    • Retaining Wall Construction
    • Screening and Crushing
    • Recycling and Reuse
    • Working with High-Risk Materials
    • Asbestos Removal and Disposal

    Experienced Landscaping Contractors

    We’re proud to say that we employ a team of individually selected management and personal with extensive experience in the project management and delivery of Greenfield, Greyfield and Brownfield land development projects, both in the Perth metropolitan area and in regional areas. Our team are client-focused and always work towards outstanding outcomes for our client’s no matter the project type.

    Servicing Across Western Australia

    Menzies Civil Australia can provide land development services for projects across Western Australia and even Australia-wide. We’re based in Perth and regularly provide our services to popular locations such as Fremantle, Mandurah and Joondalup. Recent project locations have included Kalamunda, Lesmurdie, Kenwick, Woodman Point, Shenton Park, Badgingarra, Pinjarra, Byford and Landsdale.

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